The Summer Fest Legacy is taking shape. We have just started and we want to do it together with all of you involved.
The idea of creating High 5ive Summer Fest came out of the amount requests seen in social media with Sweden and Scandinavia lacking a festival taking on bands from the alternative scene and bands within genrés of Metalcore, Post-Hardcore, Deathcore, Pop Punk,  Emo and more.
At the same time High 5ive wanted to create a natural forum to showcase the fantastic bands signed at the agency.
The combination of bringing fantastic international artists to the heart of Scandinavia and showing the Swedish audience our own amazing bands became a natural given foundation and High 5ive Summer Fest was born, showcasing 17 of the most promising Swedish and International bands across two stages at Spinnrocken in Södertälje on the 18th of August 2019.

During our first year we did not only give people the oppertunity to enjoy amazing music from bands such as Imminence, Awake The Dreamer, Of Virtue, The Royal, Time The Valuator and Aviana to name a few. But we also did it while brining the Swedish scene and it's fans closer together, and by making it SOLD OUT on our very first try! Thank you so much for that.
Standing up for the music we all love is not easy in these modern times, but with the response we got already last year we feel confident that this years festival will be yet another success and the party we all have been waiting for this long cold winter.

We would like to thank you ALL for your continous support. Friends, family, fans, bands, agents and people who comes out to our events. It's so cool to be able to bring bands like Trash Boat, Shokran and Captives to Stockholm in a scene we all thought was about die a few years ago. I refuse to agree on that, as we just hosted the biggest shows in history when we did the 10th Anniversary for our own boys Adept on the 12-13th of April in Stockholm and Gothenburg when more than 2800 people who came out to party with us.
Let's keep the scene alive together on 24-25 August at Kraken.

See you all in the summer,

Stoffe Johansson
Founder of High 5ive Music