High 5ive – Summer Fest


Yes! As there is alcohol serving at the entire festival area, there is a strict 18-year limit. There will be
ID-control at the entrance – do not forget your ID.

Yes! Water bottles of ”bag type” will be sold (with free refills) at the festival area. We care about the environment and want to keep dishes and disposable materials down. Do you have one of those water bottles since before you can bring it – Empty.

Yes! Several food trucks will be on site. Meat, Vegan, Vego, Gluten- and Lactose-free alternetives 
will be served. You are not allowed to bring your own food / drinks on to the festival area.

Yes! There are several bars spread across the festival area, all serving alcohol and 
non-alcoholic beverages.

For safety reasons, the maximum size is corresponding to carry-on bags 
(approx. 56x45x25 cm). Hard case bags are not allowed at all.

Card! It will be possible to pay by card at 
all the exhibitors, bars and in the merch tent.

Wardrobe is available for a fee. Safety lockers are not available at all. We recommend that you leave valuables at home as much as possible.

Both scenes are located indoors and in two different rooms, ’Stora Fållan’ and ’Lilla Fållan’. There is also a bar in each room. Exhibitors, Food Court, Merch, Additional bar and Happening stage can be found outdoors.

The festival area opens at 14:00 on Friday,
12:00 Saturday, see separate time table for exact stage times. We recommend that you arrive well in advance if there is a special band you want to see. As there may be 
a risk of queues at the entrance.

As stages are located indoors the space is naturally limited. The time table and planning is done to optimize the space in front of the stage for each band. But we again recommend that you arrive well in advance before the bands you want to see go on stage. Especially at Second stage in ‘Lilla Fållan’ where the space is more limited.

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