High 5ive – Summer Fest


Who are Suicide Zero?
Suicide Zero works to radically reduce the suicide rate. Every year, about 800 000 people worldwide take their own lives. That is almost 2 200 every day. Behind the statistics are parents, siblings, children, neighbors, colleagues and friends. Each year, millions of people receive the news that someone they care about has taken their life. And many of these will be traumatized upon hearing the cause of death. At Suicide Zero, we do everything we can to raise awareness, spread knowledge and provide information about how suicides can be prevented.

How come we’re workting together?

There’s no one that hasn’t dealt with some kind of mental issues, especially now during the pandemic. 

We believe that we can join forces and fight those problems together. We hope to shed light to those who need it by doing what we do best.

Suicide Zero stand
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