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Plays: Friday, 14:45
Second stage

Allt means Everything in Swedish and is a Swedish Progressive metalcore band that was formed in 2020 in Karlskoga. With their dark and emotional sound, they combine depressing riffs with soaring melodies and orchestral arrangements that have already had a great impact in Sweden.

The band has a shared love of nature and film that shines through in the music. A driving force for the band is to translate previous experiences or “scenes” into sound. Many of the songs or lyrics are directly inspired by movies or literary works.

For fans of: In Hearts Wake, Humanity’s Last Breath, Landmvrks
Also check out: Aviana, Dead Like Juliet, Imminence



Plays: Saturday, 20:15
Main stage

Annisokay is a german Post-hardcore band from Halle. They was founded in 2007 and has since then been considered one of the most talented German bands with an international flair, within the scene.
Annisokay has newly released their album Aurora and continue their successful mix of genre bending the rules for modern and melodic metal.
They will be joining us with new strength and a lot of energy! Don’t miss it!

For fans of: Bad Omens, We Came As Romans, Dayseeker
Also check out: Blind Channel, Imminence, Aviana



Plays: Saturday, 14:45
Second stage

Hailing from the country that is most commonly know for producing mostly black metal; Norway. But these guys shows Norway is producing more than that and should not be forseen. Becoming the frontiers of Metalcore in Norway they produce melodic metalcore that takes inspiration from everything in between Hip Hop, Classical composers and heavy music.
They combine this with lyrics inspired from darker episodes that occurs through life.

For fans of: Ghost Iris, Forgetting The Memories, Sleep Walker
Also check out: Aviana, Ten56, Imminence



Plays: Saturday, 16:45
Main stage

In early 2020, all members of Aviana except the singer Joel Holmqvist decided to close down and most probably thought it would be the end of the Metalcore saga that began in Gothenburg in 2017. “It’s not the end, this is just the beginning” Holmqvist announced and came back with the release “Retaliation” in February 2021. A new era of Aviana is here to stay and everyone is invited on the journey with one of Sweden’s most interesting future promises in Alternative Metal.

For fans of: Architects, Rob Zombie, Mick Gordon
Also check out: We Came As Romans, Imminence, Viscera



Plays: Saturday, 20:45
Main stage

Bleed From Within is considered one of the hottest Metal acts in UK right now. The latest album ‘Fracture’ gave the band the 
big breakthrough that the whole music industry have been waited for. After that, it’s been full speed ahead and the Glasgow band have seen
touring with big acts like Megadeth, Lamb Of God, Bullet For My Valentine and more. On 3rd of June the new album ‘Shrine’ will be released via Nuclear Blast Records
and we can finally see them on Swedish soil at High 5ive Summer Fest in Stockholm.
For fans off: As I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive, Bullet For My Valentine
Also check out: Orbit Culture, Aviana, Kill The Kong



Plays: Friday, 20:00
Main stage

The 2021 Eurovision Song Contest Finalists hailing from the dark forests of Uleåborg in Finland will be joining us this summer.
A Post-hardcore band with a sound they themselves describes as “violent pop”. 
We’ll leav it at that because we belive most of you already know this band.

For fans of: Linkin Park, Hoobastank, Hollywood Undead
Also check out: Electric Callboy, Normandie, Annisokay



Plays: Saturday, 15:15
Second stage

Cyan Kicks is an alternative rock band from Helsinki, which was formed in 2016. They reached international recognision 2022 after their release of Hurricane, which they also preformed in the Finish semifinals of  Eurovision Song Contest 2022.
Their sound is best described as a mix of heavy rock music, pop melodies and electronic instruments.
För fans av: Blink 182, Neck Deep, Halestorm
Kolla också in: Blind Channel, One Morning Left, Those Without



Plays: Friday, 19:00
Second stage

In northern Italy and along South Tyrol lies a Melodic Hardcore treasure and hides. It is spelled “Dead Like Juliet” and the band that has toured extensively in Europe in recent years, both themselves and as support for major acts such as Adept, Stick To Your Guns and others will return to Stockholm next summer. Significant for these six Italians is an energy beyond the ordinary. With timeless melodies, catchy breakdowns and gang vocals where the audience is directly invited to be part of the show, this is not something you want to miss when they are back on the festival stage in July.

For fans of: While She Sleeps, Stick To Your Guns, The Used
Also check out: Imminence, We Came As Romans, Trash Boat



Plays: Saturday, 16:00
Second stage

A sextet from Gothenburg that originally started as a thesis by guitarist Sebastian Fjordevik, in 2009. The band is well known for their energetic live performances and has since the debut album ‘State: In Denial’ from 2013, toured with bands such as Arch Enemy, Entombed and Adept to name a few. With clear influences from the metalcore and melodic death metal scene and with their latest album release ‘Scandinavian Aftermath’, they have set their sights on taking a place among Sweden’s metal elite. And, we are convinced that they will succeed!

For fans of: Dead By April, In Flames, Scar Symmetry
Also check out: Kill The Kong, Dead Like Juliet, For I Am King



Plays: Saturday, 13:40
Second stage

Our fellow 5 piece band from Gothenburg will fill the spot for Yours Truly with energetic Emo at is best!

For fans of: Blink 182, Sum 41, Neck Deep
Also check out: Trast Boat, Dream Drop, Those Without



Headliner: Friday, 23:00
Main stage

The heavyweights in the party cage are coming to Sweden for the first time ever! Electric Callboy, who in 2020 released the party song ‘Hypa Hypa’, is guaranteed to raise the roof on Fållan. With the upcoming album, there will be more party than ever! Join us when the Germans, who since 2010 have mixed metalcore with electronic party music, humor and a huge portion of energy, take to the stage at High 5ive Summer Fest 2022.

For fans of: One Morning Left, We Butter The Bread with Butter, Chunk! No Captain Chunk!
Also check out: One Morning Left, For I Am King, Demotional



Plays: Saturday, 14:00
Main stage

Future Palace is among the most promising Post-Hardcore features in Germany right now. And we’ll finally have the oppertunity to host their visit to Sweden!
A unique mix of clean female vocals and screams makes this worth while!
For fans off: As Everything Unfolds, In This Moment, Jinjer
Also check out: Dream Drop, Imminence, Trash Boat



Plays: Saturday, 19:15
Main stage

Sweden’s now perhaps largest band in post-hardcore / metalcore. The band, which was formed in 2010 as a typical rehearsal room band, in a small village called Anderslöv, has now taken the entire Swedish metal world by storm. With 3 previously critically acclaimed albums, the band is now releasing their fourth studio album and we promise that you will not be disappointed. You do not want to miss this!

For fans of: Our Hollow Our Home, Bad Omens
Also check out: Dead Like Juliet, Atena, Annisokay



Plays: Friday, 17:15
Main stage

The young Swedish seven-man wonder who began their journey as late as 2015! Despite their short time together, they leave few untouched with their heavy percussion and their aggressive style that together raises the spirit, like that of few others. We promise that the mosh will be something really special when these guys take the stage.

For fans of: Orbit Culture, In Flames, Soilwork
Also check out: Demotional, For I Am King, Imminence



Plays: Friday, 17:45
Second Stage

Swedish newcomers with the famous Bell in the forefront! Lyrical progressive alternative metal at is best!

For fans of: Spiritbox, In This Moment, Jinjer
Also check out: Allt, Future Palace, Dead Like Juliet



Plays: Friday, 22:00
Second stage

Neverstore is a Swedish PopPunk band, formed in Skövde in 2000.
They have toured with bands like Good Charlotte and Sum41 and is a band to be reconed with.
After a few years out of the playingfield they are back to again show that Sweden is a musical force of it’s own.

For fans off: Millencolin, No Use For A Name, MxPx
Also check out: Trash Boat, Normandie, Those Without



Plays: Saturday, 21:30
Second stage

Örebro, Sweden produces PopPunk hero after PopPunk hero. It’s most commonly know as the hometown of Millencolin but our friends in Normandie also hailes from there, and trust us when we say that Millencolin is having some great competition in these guys! 
For fans off: You Me At Six, Biffy Clyro, Mayday Parade
Also check out: Trash Boat, Annisokay, Blind Channel



Plays: Friday, 15:15
Main stage

The question is whether the Finnish party core pioneers One Morning Left will not lift the roof on Fållan higher than Eskimo Callboy when they pull out the flute in the breakdown from the song “You’re dead! Let’s Disco! ”. Those of you who know One Morning Left know that what awaits are heavy riffs, screams, singing, breakdowns and lots of synth!

For fans of: Electric Callboy, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Chunk! No Captain Chunk!
Also check out: Electric Callboy, For I Am King, Demotional



Plays: Friday, 18:30
Main stage

As they themself put it: Sweden’s latest & heaviest export of metal.
Hailing from the dark forests of “Småland” sweden comes these upcoming giants of Swedish metal.
Melodic death metal at its finest. With three studio albums and a promising future they are here to stay!
For fans off: Gojira, Lamb Of God, Metallica
Also check out: Vildhjarta, Viscera, Kill The Kong



Plays: Friday, 16:15
Main stage

The heaviest band from switzerland? Slamming Beatdowns and with an extra taste for Hardcore.
With their upcoming release “Fear & Dagger” they are coming to Sweden to spread their vision!

For fans off: Lorna Shore, Humanity’s Last Breath, Malevolence
Also check out: Ten56, Viscera, Orbit Culture



Plays: Fredag, 16:00
Second stage

Rising stars of Stockholm! A quartet based in the hearth of Scandinavia. Plays melodic alternative metal.

For fans off: Killswitch Engage, Being As An Ocean, The Plot In You
Also check out: Kill The Kong, Imminence, Future Palace



Plays: Saturday, 18:50
Second stage

Ten56 is a project derived out of the stress and uncertainty of an ongoing pandemic. Ten56 consists of a bunch of real people tired of the pretentious elite and the hypocrisy of the industry.

Ten56 delivers a dark sound that can only be described as if it has been tumled through a industrial machinery to give the music an apocalyptic sound; with imagery that refuses to turn a blind eye to the horrible truths that so many people live through from day to day.

Ten56 is a mix of attitude, anxiety and industrialism baked into a angry package worth reflekting about.

For fans of: Knocked Loose, Kublai Khan TX, Alpha Wolf
Also check out: Thrown, Paleface, Ten56



Plays: Saturday, 13:00
Main stage

PopPunk newcomers Those Without, from Örebro, are making their first ever festival gig at High 5ive Summer Fest 2022. With their newly released album “Bittersweet”, they have shown the world that they are a force to be reckoned with. You have to look for better PopPunk for a long time. The guys at Those Without have worked long and hard to get to where they are today, and they are hungry for more! Do not miss this, and remember where you heard and saw these heroes first! Because we promise that these will be great!

For fans of: Blink 182, Machine Gun Kelly, Green Day
Also check out: Dream Drop, Normandie, Trash Boat



Plays: Saturday, 17:40
Second stage

The four piece band Thrown mixes intensive and crushing guitars efficently with catchy but aggressive song rythm and lyrics filled with anger and self loathing. Thrown is aiming on huge success with their modern take on heavy music. 
With ‘grayout’ as a first step towards making a lasting impression in the scene they are showing us all that they are here to stay!

For fans off: Knocked Loose, Alpha Wolf, Dealer
Also check out: Ten56, Paleface, Yersinia



Plays: Saturday, 18:00
Main stage

Trash Boat is a British pop punk band formed in St Albans 2014. But Trash Boat is no ordinary pop punk band. On their newly released debut album, you can hear fragments from where they get their influences. This is not what you might expect from a “regular” pop punk band. They get their influences from bands like Muse, Placebo, System Of A Down and Nine Inch Nails. If their debut album has not already convinced you, we guarantee that this will be something out of the ordinary!

For fans of: Blink 182, Nine Inch Nails, Neck Deep
Also check out: Dream Drop, Normandie, Those Without



Plays: Friday, 21:15
Main stage

THALL! The word coined by these Djent legends from the north. Vildhjarta has during its time on the Swedish metal scene become almost as certain as Meshuggah when it comes to Djent. Maybe not so strange considering that both play just Djent, and also does so damn well!

For fans of: Meshuggah, Sepultura, TesseracT
Also check out: For I Am King, Aviana, Viscera



Plays: Saturday, 14:45
Second stage

The Deathcore supergroup from the UK consisting of no less than former members from i.a. Sylosis, Heart of a Coward and Martyr Defiled. With a debut album released in the middle of an ongoing pandemic, the band is hungrier than ever to finally play the record live!

For fans of: Comeback Kid, Knocked Loose, Malevolence
Also check out: Paleface, Kill The Kong, Yersinia



Headliner: Saturday, 22:30
Main stage

Since the release of the milestone debut album, 2009’s To Plant a Seed, diehard fans depend on We Came As Romans to deliver intimate, confessional, and autobiographical anthems, each one challenging, triumphant, an passionate. This is what makes them one of the greatest bands within the scene.

For fans of: Silverstein, Memphis May Fire, The Devil Wears Prada
Also check out: Electric Callboy, Imminence, Aviana



Plays: Friday, 20:30
Second stage

It took a pandemic to bring the plague of YERSINIA back to life!
The Uppsala Quartet began its career with the 2009 self-titled EP which was followed by five acclaimed releases filled with oldschool metalcore in Swedish. If you want to mosh hard, cry and quote Tranströmer at the same time, this is not something you should miss!

For fans of: Refused, Knocked Loose, Sharptooth
Also check out: Viscera, Vildhjarta, Aviana

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