High 5ive – Summer Fest


Walking to the venue is quite straight forward. If you come walking from Gullmarsplan, you take to the right as you exit the main entrance and walk across the bridge, follow the road down to the next crossing where you turn left. Thereafter you’ll have to walk ca 250 metric meters to the next crossing where you take right. Then there’s a few minutes walk straight forward to the venue located on the left. Right by the side of the next round-a-bout.

We do not arrange direct-transfer to the venue but if you prefer riding like a local the easiest way to get here is to take the subway or a bussride to Gullmarsplan and from there take the short walk, or take the tram one station towards Sickla.

To buy tickets, visit SL.

If you come driving from down south on E4 turn right, or left if you come from up north, at Hägersten towards Värmdö. Drive into the tunnel and then take the third exit, towards Sickla and Hammarby Sjöstad. You’ll arrive at a round-a-bout directly after your exit, here you turn left. Then there is a short drive until you arrive to the venue on the right of the next round-a-bout.

If you come driving on road 73, from up north: Take the exit towards Sickla and Hammarby Sjöstad right at the end of the Tunnel(Söderledstunneln). After a few hundred metric meters you arrive to a round-a-bout where you turn right. Thereafter you’ll cross a bridge and arrive another round-a-bout. There you turn left. Continue down this road until the first crossing where you turn right. At the end of this street, on the right side is the venue.

If you come driving on road 73, from down south: Drive passed Tele2-arena and take the first exit after passing The Globe Arena. Aim towards Sickla and Hammarby Sjöstad. Continue on this road until the next crossing, which you drive past. After ca 50 metric meters, you arrive at the next crossing where you’ll have to turn right. From there it’s just a straight forward drive, a few hundred metric meters to the next round-a-bout where the venue is located on the left.

You’ll probably arrive at  Stockholm Central and from there it’s pretty straight forward by either taking a cab or the public transport.

There’s two airports within an hour from the venue:

At ca 50 minutes from the venue, by car, is the largest international airport: Arlanda Airport.

At ca 30 minutes from the venue you have a smaller international airport: Bromma Airport.


As the festival has been growing bigger and because our previous venue from 2019 is closing down, we have moved to Fryshuset in Hammarby Sjöstad for 2020 and 2021.

For more information about the venue visit Fryshuset website
Palms - Left
Palms - Right