High 5ive – Summer Fest


We love to showcase new music and what better platform to do it on than at our own festival? Therefor we decided to start a contest where the first price is nothing less then the Opening slot at the festival!

As we all know 2020 became a pretty special year and not only did we have to postpone the festival, but also the Finals of Road to Summer Fest 2020.
So should we cancel the contest of 2021? And just say ”We’re sorry, you know Covid” to the hard working finalists of 2020? Don’t think so! As we are a 2-day festival we do have two opening slots. With other words; of course we will have a Road to Summer Fest 2021!

More information about the postponed final of 2020 and when the it’s time to send in your submissions for 2021 will come down the road. Sign up for our monthly newsletter and make sure to follow us in social media so you don’t miss out!

Road to summer fest


Over 50 bands from the whole world sent us their submissions, and our jury picked their 15 favorites for an online voting. The two bands with the most votes got their spots in the finals secured. But don’t forget that there’s three spots in the final. It’s recommended for all the bands involved to engage with their fans and practice their marketing skills. Because when it comes down to it, it’s not only the votes that counts. This is because the last spot belongs to the Jury Wildcard. A band who would be hand picked not only for their music talent but also for their efforts to reach out and market themselves. Knowledge and talents is almost just as important as doing good music these days. So a long story short; here you have the lineup of the Road to Summer Fest Final.




Our jury consists of five persons from different parts of the music industry with high knowledge in the scene and years of experience:
Stoffe ’Stoffe’ Johansson – Founder of High 5ive Music, Festival general, Artist Manager and Booking Agent.
Jesper Johansson Jungermark – Booker at Revival Booking and Organizer of hundreds of concerts over the years.
Marica Svensson – Marketing Manager at Fifth Island Music (part of Sony Music Entertainment).
Robert Kukla – Music Producer at Studio Fredman and CEO at Obsidian Recording Studios.
Sara Karlsson – Music Journalist at Gaffa Magazine.

Prizes & Sponsors

Aside from the amazing prize of getting the chance to share the stage with bands like While She Sleeps, Neck Deep, Crystal Lake, Knocked Loose and many more, the winning band also gets 25 merch T-shirts with a custom made design by the super talented Aaron Finch.

Printed by the High quality UK based Pins & Knuckles Merchendise who have a portfolio of customers like Slipknot, Blink 182, Neck Deep, While She Sleeps and many more.

And lastly the band will also get a Promo Shoot during the festival weekend, with an experienced photographer to be revealed later.

Palms - Left
Palms - Right