Here you can find (if not all) most of the things you need to know about the festival and in case you don't, make sure to contact High 5ive in social media or send us an e-mail here.


We welcome bands- and fans from all over the world to the beautiful city of Stockholm on the 3-4 July 2020. 
We hope that you will enjoy your stay in Stockholm and would like to give you a warm welcome to the Capital of Sweden and the largest city of Scandinavia with over one million inhabitans. Apart from enjoying a weekend full of great music, we would also like to give you some tips if you are visiting from abroad.

Gröna Lund theme park is a perfect place to kill some hours in rollercoasters or catching other concerts hosted throughout the whole summer.

The Beautiful Gamla Stan (Old Town) is well worth a visit.

Stockholm City Hall if you're interested in architecture.

At Skansen (just a short walk from Gröna Lund) you can both check out old Swedish traditional stuff and see the Scandinavian wildlife/animals.

For more useful information about Stockholm:

As High 5ive Summer Fest is an city festival we are not providing our visitors the oppertunity to camp, however you can stay at our festival branded hotel (Motel L) located just a few meters from the festival area (in Hammarby Sjöstad) - Click on the pictures below for more info.
Bookyour hotel experience while buying tickets to the festival via Ticketmaster.
Allready have a ticket or have you just changed you mind? No worries you can get directly to booking the hotel offer by klicking at "Hotel" in the menue.

High 5ive Summer Fest
The Third Edition, 3-4 July 2020
at Fryshuset in Stockholm, Sweden
High 5ive Music & friends together with over 20 amazing bands invites you to take part of what we believe will be a magical weekend in the heart of Scandinavia this summer. 
For the third time we are hosting our own Summer Fest over two days.
Two days filled with music showcasing some of the best artists within Alternative Metal, Rock and Hardcore giving the Stockholm live scene an edge by bringing the audience an oppertunity to watch incredible artists in subgenres such as Metalcore, Pop Punk, Deathcore and Djent.

VENUE: Fryshuset
Mårtendalsgatan 2-8, 120 30 Stockholm

As the festival has been growing bigger and our previous venue from 2019 is closing down, we have moved to Fryshuset in Hammarby Sjöstad in 2020. See more information about the venue below.
For more information about the venue visit:

Below you can find some FAQ.

Q: Where can I buy tickets to the festival?
A: Via Ticketmaster on the button below that says "Buy tickets"

Q: Will you sell both 1-day and 2-day tickets to the festival?
A: Yes, if not sold out. However the majority of the tickets will only be 2-day festivalpasses.

Q: What's the age limit of the festival?
A: The age limit this year is 13+ years old. People under 18 can attend the festival with a guardian over 18 (the guardian need to buy their own ticket to enter the festival site).

Q: Will you sell alcohol at the venue?
A: Yes, there will be bars serving alcohol for people over 18.

Q: Where can I find this year's Lineup?
A: By clicking on "Lineup" in the menu or right here.

Q: How many bands is playing at the festival this year?
A: 26 x International and Scandinavian bands.

Q: How many stages is it in the venue?
A: 2 x stages. Both in the same room at Fryshuset Arenan.

Q: Will there be bands playing at the same time or can I see them all?
A: All visitors have the possibility to catch ALL bands since none will be live at the same time (the stages are in the same room).
Time table will be published after final lineup is announced.

Q: Will there be merch sold at the festival?
A: Yes, all bands have the oppertunity to sell merch to their fans if they like.

Q: I have a band that kicks ass, can we play the festival?
A: Submissions can be sent to

Q: I've changed my mind. Can I get a refund of my ticket?
A: We don't do refunds of festival tickets, but as the tickets are quite limited the chance is that someone else would like to buy yours. Try sell it in the Facebook Event here.

This section will keep being updated. If you're question aren't answered above, feel free to drop us an e-mail on or write to @high5ivesummerfest in Social media.